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Can teeth be weakened by whitening?

Most believe that whiter is better, and that often is what people consider to be a healthy mouth. For many that feel like they need more whiteness to their teeth, they do consider whitening. While there is debate over the effectiveness, there is concern as to what might happen to your teeth overall because of white strips. Do you know what they do to your teeth? If not, read on and find out.

If you’re wondering whether or not the type of whitening strip matters, ideally you should have a whitener that contains about 10% peroxide in order to make sure that it doesn’t damage the nerves of the teeth. The main thing that you have to realize is that the ingredients do need to be under 10%, nothing more. You should also keep in mind that using peroxide to whiten teeth can affect the enamel of the teeth, which is why the kinds of white strips you use does affect it.

Is adding chemicals to your teeth bad? The answer to that is that there isn’t any definitive proof of this doing damage, but there are a few concerns that you need to address. The first thing that you have to realize, is you got to use common sense when using this product. That means you need to realize that you’re adding chemicals to your teeth that you don’t normally ingest, so if you use this a whole lot, it’s not going to be beneficial to the overall health of your smile. While you might have pretty and white chompers, it might actually be masking a huge problem under it all. There are pros and cons to this, and it definitely should be considered.

Obviously, if you’re using this all the time every single day, you’re pumping chemicals straight into there, and that definitely isn’t good. While it does hurt the teeth in some ways as well, not much is said about the gums. While there are some tests that have shown that they aren’t affected by this, but also do keep in mind that you are putting this onto your mouth when you normally shouldn’t put this into your body, so use the instructions in the correct manner and don’t overly use them.

Obviously, you can look at it this way. Sometimes you use a chemical that says it’s “not toxic,” you can for example talk about various cleaners. But, are you going to start downing that drain cleaner or other clean just because it says so? Obviously not. You should be smart with this, since it is something you shouldn’t be using in the long term, and while it is not toxic, it’s not supposed to go into the body. The same goes for whitening strips.

Now, if you’re eating and lifestyle habits won’t help you have healthy teeth, these tooth whitening agents will not do much for cleaning stains that are there. It’s just unrealistic. Smoking and drinking wine are the two reasons why you might not have much success. However, you also need to consider the types of foods that you eat, and if they contain dyes and sodas. These strips are used to help maintain, but not as a treatment method. The treatment is really a sales gimmick. It really doesn’t replace the actual going to the dentist, getting a whitening, and that’s that. Simple as that. You need to keep that in mind.

So are these things good? Yeah as a temporary thing. If you think that you’re going to get lasting results that will last forever and ever, probably not. While they aren’t the safest thing to use on the teeth, it’s also important to consider that there are far worse things.

Ideally, the best way to get a teeth whitening process is through the Roseburg dentist. You should do that if possible, and you should try to get the whitening trays from them. It’s safer, and arguably better, than going and using these white strips. You still can, just use your discretion when you do so, and also consider the other alternatives to this if you so desire, for it could be a much better thing for you.

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